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Happy New Year 2020!



I’m excited to be back home for the turn of the new decade. Not just home in NYC, after a 15 year period of living in the Hudson Valley – but HOME in the apartment that I grew up in. In 1964 my parents moved in to the renowned Apthorp building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.  I moved back in this past May, and live in the same room where I lived in 6th grade. On my turntable I played both sides of Who’s Next every single morning before school. Our home is a grand three bedroom three bath, 2,400 square feet with 11 foot ceilings!  Blessed to have had this family headquarters my whole entire life. Hooray for NYC Rent Stabilization laws! Our holiday courtyard scene shown here. 

Peter Stuart and I Jan. 2020



He is one of my favorite people. He is the bass player I have worked most closely with for the last 30 years or so.  When I first came back to NYC after 6 teenage years in Sweden, I worked in a record store in the village, Second Coming Records. There I met Peter Stuart, age 23 . He was then, and still is today one of the most unique, supremely talented and discerning people I’ve ever met. His passion and deep knowledge for all things ‘60’s vintage sound is more like that of a Talmudic scholar. Vintage Guitar Magazine (to which Peter is a monthly contributor) writes “Peter is a well known bass expert and collector. He estimates that more than 200 four strings have passed through his stash over the years nearly all of them 1967 or earlier”. So I was FLOORED when Peter invited ME to play bass with him (!) at his 60th birthday bash, during which he played with about a dozen or more of his closest musical pals at a venue in NYC, The Treehouse at Bar 2A.  We belted out “Cut My Hair” from The Who’s Quadrophenia and I played bass on ABBA’s early hit “SOS”. Best of all? We’ll be hitting the Treehouse stage this spring again with some more originals from both of us!

I LOVE MY JOB Jan. 2020


One of the best things about being in NYC is that I’m playing in more nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities than ever. It is a pure thrill, to connect with my fellow New Yorkers from so many cultures in these environments. As I like to say: old people are getting younger! (meaning I’m ..ahem …closer to them in age…) Plenty of these folks are not much older than myself.  I perform hour long shows in auditoriums and day rooms, and I also do plenty of “strolling” gigs, playing in residents rooms. I start out in the corridor, walk into the rooms, and we share a song. It is the best feeling in the world, to connect and share a melody, lyrics, a beat or even just a smile. 

Playing More Facilities Jan. 2020


NEW VENUES for me in 2020 are: the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, the Lott Assisted Living Residence, The New East Side Nursing Home and the Queens Community House